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Are you a minimalist that loves the appeal of an industrial style home? Well, we know that getting that extra push into making your home pop can be hard, well that is if you don’t know where to look! This year, trendsetters around the world have looked to concrete to add that industrial feel to their homes in more ways than one! No no no, we aren’t talking about the bland, chalky and boring stuff you see on sidewalks and driveways, we are talking about beautiful and innovative decorative concrete finishes. Want to know how you can get in on the trend? Let us tell you how down below.
Polished Concrete Flooring
Polished Concrete
One of the most industrial looking flooring systems on the market is the polished concrete flooring system. This highly reflective surface offers amazing aesthetics and benefits that go farther than the eye can see. Polished concrete can be customized any way you like different colored stains to get away from the earthy tones, saw cutting and even different aggregates can be obtained with different polishing techniques. Don’t know if polished concrete is the flooring you need to get into the industrial trend? Down below, we have a few pros and cons of using polished concrete:
Will provide an ultra-durable finish/accident protectionHas the ability to last your home a lifetimeIs affordable due to lack of concrete coating materials
May be unsafe to walk on when wet or soiledCan cost more than the lesser epoxies on the marketCan become uncomfortable to walk on when barefootVery cold as they do not retain heat very well
Concrete Accent Walls
Polished Concrete Bedroom
When you think of concrete walls, the thought can be overbearing and be reminiscent of a jail cell or a cold damp basement from a horror movie. That is why we say don’t go crazy with concrete on your walls, pick a wall that gets the most sunlight or has your TV, bed or fireplace. Concrete is the perfect accent wall and can achieve what paint cant, even when using faux plaster! Concrete on your walls can also open up other options as far as trim and crown molding.
Sealed Concrete Floors
Sealed Concrete
If you arent looking for a polished concrete floor but still want the look of traditional concrete without the dusty surface, sealed concrete may be something worth looking into. By sealing your concrete, you are giving your concrete a coating that won’t only improve its industrial aesthetic, but you are improving how your concrete will be able to perform in the residential setting. While sealed concrete isn’t as durable as polished concrete, you will find that sealed concrete can vastly improve the quality of life wherever it is placed. Down below, you will find a few pros and cons of sealing your concrete:
Sealing can enhance the colors of your concrete for more excitementIs resistant to stains, perfect for homes with families or petsIs completely waterproof, won’t have to worry about a rainy day ruining your floor
Will require maintenance to keep its finish appealingSealers will fade after a couple of years and will need replacement every 1-2 yearsCan be toxic to install with large amounts of chemicals in its application
Well, there you have it, a few ways that you can push your home into the modern era with industrial aesthetics. All we can say now is good luck and we hope you follow these few examples to make your home one of a kind.

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